The PRE Lab runs a biweekly workshop where we discuss working papers by lab members. Check out some of our exciting new papers below.

Roman Hlatky

Appeals to proportional distributive fairness mitigate ethnocentric bias in policy evaluation

The literature on welfare chauvinism shows that ethnocentric bias reduces individual support for outgroup redistributive policies.  To limit bias, scholarship suggests framing policies universally or focusing on beneficiary deservingness. However, policies intended to support disadvantaged groups and ensure equity cannot always be framed in universal terms. Moreover, individuals hold minoritized

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Marcel Roman

Living in the Shadow of Deportation: How Deportation Threat Forestalls Political Assimilation Among Immigrants and Their Co-Ethnics

Prior research demonstrates acculturated co-ethnics of immigrant groups adopt restrictive immigration policy preferences akin to that of host country dominant groups. However, a puzzle remains where acculturated Latinxs in the United States still maintain relatively liberal immigration policy preferences despite their distance from the canonical immigrant archetype (e.g. Spanish-speaking, immigrant).

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Sam Selsky

Denigrating Democracy: How Partisan Competition Sparks Xenophobia in Lebanon

Protection of minorities is a hallmark of liberal democracy, but partisan competition typically requires appealing to majoritarian groups. When do electoral incentives encourage candidates to target immigrant communities with racist or discriminatory rhetoric? This paper aims to address this question through a novel dataset of refugee-related Twitter posts by political

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